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you know what time it is

that’s right.  you need a watch.

my brother-in-law is a foot and ankle surgeon and watchmaker.  yep.

meet nathan.

he’s great.  he really is.  he married my sister 10.5 years ago, and they’ve had four kids (who i adore!) since then.  nathan is finishing up his residency in fort dodge, iowa and will soon be moving with his family and working full-time as a foot and ankle surgeon in sioux falls, south dakota.  i don’t know.  background info.

bottom line is he makes watches.  and you can have one.

i don’t know much about watch-making, but i think it’s a pretty serious deal.  nathan does everything by hand.  every watch dial– he creates it somehow.  like he built the machine that makes the watch dials.  what?!   yeah.  and the stitching on the straps– he does that by hand.  no sewing machine.   okay.  i just like that.  and like everything else used to complete the watch, he’s very particular about it.  you just need to check out his web site to read about “The Watch” and see more pictures.  but here’s this:

i just think it’s so amazing he does this.  too cool.  if i can help get more of his watches out there in the world, i will.  my sister just posted something on facebook yesterday about an e-mail nathan received from a customer, and apparently this person was in naples (i’m assuming florida) at a party and noticed someone else was wearing a watch made by nathan.  how cool is that?  very.  because there are only 16 of his watches out there.  (and they’re not all in iowa.  some watches have even been sold internationally!)

if you want to read more about nathan or the watches he makes, check out his web site,  it’s all on there.  his watches are available for purchase through his web site and also if you’re at all interested in adding to your awesomeness.


  • Sarah Hensley on Feb 04, 2013 reply

    LOL nice picture you chose there!! Very sweet that you posted this entry for Nathan.

  • Nathan on Feb 04, 2013 reply

    Wow Ivy!!! Thanks for featuring me/my watches on your blog!

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