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uh, happy super bowl day

an unfortunate post for the two people who read my blog and don’t care a thing about football…

this is what i learned about football this season:

  • the holes on top of the helmets are for holding the players’ mouthpieces while they talk.
  • the offense players aren’t the same as the defense players.  haha, this seems obvious now that i say it, but at one point i learned this because it’s written in my notes.  i think what i learned was that it’s a different set of guys on the field depending on whether or not that team has the ball.  i don’t know.
  • players are penalized for celebrating too much.  i might have already known that.
  • they need to paint the ball hot pink.
  • the big ten is a conference.  …with twelve teams. and don’t ask what a conference is.  it’s confusing.
  • once a player crosses the line of scrimmage, he can’t throw the ball anymore. the line of scrimmage is where all the guys line up and growl at each other before each play.
  • go hawks.  and packers.
  • if a player has the ball and his knee doesn’t touch the ground, he can keep running.  i saw a guy running with the ball, and he flipped over this dude and landed on his feet again.  he had the right to keep running.
  • okay.  players can block the ball when it’s being passed, but they can’t tackle people when the ball is being passed to them.  …which i think is messed up considering it’s tackle football…
  • the iowa coach is the highest-paid college football coach.
  • a touchdown isn’t seven points.  i learned that last year, actually, but it’s still good information.
  • before being tackled, quarterbacks slide like baseball players because they’re afraid to break their arms in a tackle.
  • there are ALSO cornerbacks.
  • everybody should leave tim tebow alone.


  • ivy on Feb 08, 2012 reply

    i probably shouldn’t marry tebow then, huh.

  • mom on Feb 08, 2012 reply

    that IS a good post, ivy. i actually learned something and u almost made me want to watch some football. well, at least the flip thing where the knee is closely watched… did u know that football is incredibly dangerous and any sane parent wouldnt let their kid play? for real. theyv learned thru studies that football players hit their heads so much and each time it’s hit hard, i cant remember exactly what happens, but it causes successive small brain injuries that cause them not to be able to think quickly already as soon as middle age! and they end up with dementia much more, too. it should really be outlawed, but that will never happen becuz of the $ involved. so….just adding to the facts here…

  • Mitch on Feb 06, 2012 reply

    hmmm…thats weird – thats actually what I wrote on my change card at church. I wrote: “God, please help me to stop making Ivy a liar.”

  • Sarah on Feb 06, 2012 reply

    Good job, Ivy. I learned a lot from this post, thank you. I watched E.T. last night.

  • ivy on Feb 05, 2012 reply

    great. you made me a liar.

  • Mitch on Feb 05, 2012 reply

    Iowa coach is one of the highest paid…not the highest paid…just so you know

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