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ohio visit / seneca lake

ohhhh, i’m so behind on blogging.  ):

week 1 in ohio – jesse’s family – june/july 2013

unfortunately, we didn’t get a whole lot of pictures while we were hanging out in springfield, but we did have a really good time.  it was VERY relaxing.  we were both ready for the break.  i actually read a good fictional book (front to back), which i haven’t done in YEARS.

one thing i really enjoyed doing (that i don’t have any pictures of) was going around to second-hand store to second-hand store looking for furniture with donna and jesse.  so much fun!  donna knew all the places to go.  we went to several places in springfield, and we also made a trip to yellow springs (one of my favorite ohio places) where we found our lovely coffee table and two matching end tables.  we even got to go exploring in jesse’s grandparents’ basement for stuff we might like.  we found a hanging light fixture, a footstool to reupholster, and an awesome suitcase.  (as you know, jesse and i are making the house ours– new paint, different furniture, new decor, etc.  i’ll be posting pictures of all this when the living room is complete.)

we also got to hang out with the jared schlicher family and the sam hershberger family, which is always nice.  i finally made it over to jared and ariel’s place, and we went to the zoo with them for the day.  sam and sarah spent a few days at donna’s, and we got to take some family photos and go garage-saling with sarah and ethan one morning.

we also celebrated donna’s birthday, but i won’t say what year.  (:  the day before her birthday, we all (donna’s kids and their families) took her out to eat to celebrate at one of her favorite restaurants, the cheesecake factory, and then we went to visit the schlicher grandparents again.  and then on her birthday, we visited steve barth’s (jesse’s friend) church and went out to eat at a local restaurant.

here are some pictures i took while we were in springfield.  unfortunately there aren’t a whole lot.  ):

on our way to springfield.  eight-hour drive.  had to stop for a little coke and some french fries.



hmmm.  prophetic?  (:

ivy baby jesse kailyn


jesse and i visited his dad’s grave site on his birthday (marc’s birthday) and switched the flowers out.  sad i never met this guy . . .



 jared and ariel took me (and jesse) to the columbus zoo– JACK HANNA’S stomping grounds.  so much fun.  i love zoos.








haha.  the sunday before we left for springfield, skip (pastor) shared with the congregation that dippin’ dots are off limits for his son because they’re too feminine.  of course, when we saw them at the zoo, jesse had to get some and take a picture to send to skip.


while we were gone, we received a picture text the following sunday from friends at church:

skip jesse

apparently “real men enjoy dippin’ dots.”  (:


this is a picture we had taken after eating at the cheesecake factory.  i love it!

i got my camera out and took some pictures for jared’s family and sam’s family.  got some cute pictures, but i’m SO SAD they didn’t turn out well.  UGH.  so frustrated!  the iso was set WAAAYYYY too high.  i’m a ediot.  my training is very obvious here.  (…no training.)

ariel jared

ethan sarah sam logan




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week 2 in ohio – seneca lake – july 2013

after a week in springfield, we traveled about 2 hours west to senecaville.  when jesse was in college, his band played at a youth camp for a couple of summers.  the camp leaders called them up this year and asked them if they were interested in coming back to play for a week, and jesse was fortunate enough (blessed!) to get his boys back together– and then some.  steve met us there from cable, ohio; karl met us there from quinter, kansas; stephen met us there from greenville, south carolina; and matt met us there from cleveland, ohio.  and fortunately for me, they were all able to bring their wives– all but one guy.  ):  we had such an AWESOME week together.  …or at least i did.  here are some pictures i took while at seneca lake:


lol.  i didn’t get many pictures of steve.  ):  i’m sorry!  i laughed at him the most if that makes any difference.




shoot.  i didn’t get many pictures of these guys, either.  ):
but i love the rutlands!  we’re going to meet them somewhere in the mountains next month.  can’t wait!




here are some random pictures taken throughout the week:

maddox jesse zuri lindsey




going to try to add some videos to this post a little later, so check back soon.

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