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my role at fbcjax

i don’t have anything to do with this switchboard.  i just sit next to it.  i’ve picked up a few things, though, over the past couple months.  yeah right.

i am a slide flipper (:  AND I LOVE IT.  seriously, i enjoy it.  it’s like a little dream come true.  nooot kidding.  i’m on a rotation and do this about once a month.  it’s great.

the best part is i get to control the punctuation on every slide.  you know how when you’re worshiping in church and you’re feelin’ the song but then you see a weird comma and think, “that comma doesn’t go there,” and then you’re all distracted and everything is ruined?  well, my goal is to eliminate that problem at first.baptist so people can worship RIGHT.

the second best part is choosing the backgrounds.  a lot of thought goes into this.  nooot kidding.  you don’t want to distract the people from the words they’re singing, but you want to set the mood and make ’em feel a lil somethin’, yahmean?  for instance, who is my audience?  traditional service or contemporary service?  (the old people don’t like the wild slides.)  what is the song about?  like, is god great and awesome and wonderful?  then probably a sky-view slide or an earth-from-above slide would do.  is the song about jesus?  then probably a scenery/landscape slide would work.  you know, because jesus walked on the earth.  or maybe an artistic-looking slide with a cross in it somewhere.  is it about repentance or calling on the lord or something?  then maybe i’d do a slide with praying hands or a man standing in the corner with his arms up.  yep.

so that’s all great, and i’m getting to know some peeps, and that’s even greater.  shout-out to mitch and jordan futral who are in the — what do you call that thing? — the sound booth all the time and help me out with all my questions.  AND to the sound people whose names i think i know but don’t want to say yet in case i’m wrong.  AND to lynn who i’ve only met a couple times but also knows how to run things.  AND to bri who showed me how to push the space bar.  AND to all the singers and band players whose names i don’t have down yet.  AND to the girl that brings awesome food and the older man that gives me candy.


^  wednesday night practice.  they sing, and i make sure the words match up.  sounds easy,  but they’re kinda tricky.


  • Bunny on Dec 22, 2011 reply

    Yeahhya! 🙂 I love this. Ryan used to do this at our old church. He’d be proud. Love you!

  • Sarah Hensley on Dec 21, 2011 reply

    THIS. THIS is why I am glad you are blogging now. I have tears rolling because I’m just laughing so much. But in all seriousness, I am happy that you do this and enjoy it… AND that you try to do such a good job. It really does make a difference for people.

  • Lacey on Dec 10, 2011 reply

    Can I just say that I love all the people in our worship band AND the people that run the sound. I’ve always been a little jealous that I don’t know how to do it.

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