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live nativity

this past weekend (dec 9-11), my church put on a live nativity exhibit for the jacksonville and surrounding areas.  WOW.  i was amazed at the number of people who came out to see.  i  know there were approximately 700 people who came through friday night and approximately 750 came through saturday night, but i’m not sure about sunday’s numbers.  my guess would be about 700.  (:  on sunday morning, the pastor informed us that a family drove 300 miles to come see it!

[videos no longer work.  sorry!]

mitch futral (production director) asked me to come out and take some pictures, so that’s what i was up to on saturday and sunday.  it was 30-something degrees both nights and my camera kind of broke — and you know how i hate the cold and love my camera — but i had a really good time.  i’m not lying.

here are some pictures and videos, although i must say the live version was MUCH better.  seriously.  go ahead and check them out, but you won’t know how cool it really was unless you were there.


these guys yelled at me every time i came around, but they still posed like antm.
click HERE to hear their little bit.  excuse my video.  i thought my phone was more advanced.


haha.  this picture makes me laugh.
click HERE to see the band (e3) and listen to the music that went with this scene.  this was my favorite song of the night.


this is the choir, i think.  i mean, yeah.  they’re the choir, right?  i don’t know.  i’m confused about this group of people here.  or actually i’m more confused about the choir director.  i thought that was curt.  they sang beautifully, nonetheless.
click HERE to listen to them.  [update!  apparently this video is upside down.  i don’t know how to fix it.]


this would be where mary had jesus.
you’ll notice the children’s choir (amp’d) to the right.  click HERE to see and listen to them.

wise men

the three wisemen with their gifts.  these guys got to hang out by the camels, which may have been the biggest attraction.
click HERE to see the band (worship team) and listen to the music for this scene.


this guy was my friend.  i wanted to take him home.  he was very chill, and he has hair just like me.
click HERE to view some live footage of the camels.  as you can see, it was dark, so it’s hard to see them.  i tried to show the three-year-old camel that was on the ground, but there wasn’t enough light.


there were cookies and wassail afterwards for all who came out.


  • Sarah on Dec 21, 2011 reply

    Your choir video is upside down! This whole thing is awesome though. If there was one around here, we would definitely take the kids.

  • Lacey on Dec 15, 2011 reply

    I am going to comment further after I watch the videos. So cool!

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