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house update

we’ve done quite a bit of work to the house over the past couple years.  (and by we, i mean jesse.)  i’ll update with some pictures.

we tore up our carpet in march of 2016 and put down laminate wood flooring.

jesse took all the carpet out, and then his friend, karl, came to help get him started with putting the new floors down.  they worked together for a day, and then jesse finished up the job.






next we re-did our bedroom.  july 2016.  this was extra frustrating for jesse because we had already given our bedroom a makeover shortly after we got married.  (see post here:  bedroom makeover / november 2013)  but once we got the new floors, the black baseboards didn’t look good up against them.  plus i was tired of our ceiling.




a month later (august 2016), we added a little black to edie’s room to welcome ira.  lol.  i had to give it more of a masculine feel.  (see the room that welcomed edie here:  baby’s room / june 2014.)




and then this year (spring 2017) we finally got around to the laundry room / pantry.  yep.  i think jesse thought it was ridiculous i wanted to re-do the laundry room, but he loved it once we were done.  that always happens.

“before” video


“after” video


home sweet home.
…except when a pipe leaks and you have water damage to the laundry room, the master bathroom, and the wall that separates the two.  /:


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