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hate mail

as i was leaving for a job this morning, i walked out to the mailbox to drop off a letter, and i opened the door and found this inside:


surprisingly, no sound came out of me, but i moved FAST.  too afraid to do anything, i snapped a picture quick and walked away.  left the mailbox open so the mailman wouldn’t get scared.

as i was backing out of the driveway, i noticed a man walking his dog toward the house, so i drove over to him and asked if he was afraid of snakes.  he said no, so i asked him to take the snake out of my mailbox when he walked by.  he looked a little unsure, so i told him he could leave it in there for my husband to take care of when he got home from work.  thankfully the snake was gone, though, when jesse got home later.

it was a very thought-provoking experience.  i had a 30-minute drive to my job, and i thought about it the whole way there:  what is this world coming to?  how did he get in there and how did he die?  devil.  should i get my heart checked out?  i could never be a mailman. …woman.  what if it were a spider?  uncle jeff.  do snakes play dead?  was that part of god’s plan for my life?

it never occurred to me that someone planted that snake there until i talked to jesse about it later.  and now i’m sad because i think that’s what happened.  when i opened up the mailbox, the snake didn’t move, and his head was turned over.  either he put himself into that position right before he died (or played dead), or someone put him in there already dead.  someone hates us.  i thought we lived in a safe neighborhood.  shoot.

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  • Nicole Steen on Aug 20, 2013 reply

    Oh Ivy…your thought process is amazing! Snakes suck! Love reading what you have to say! 🙂 Blessings sweetie!!

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