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i haven’t blogged in a long time.  ):

i just went through some old blog entries, and it makes me sad that i don’t have a written record of the things that have happened over the past three years.  no journal, no calendars, no blog—nothing.  life got busier after i had edie, and i fell out of the groove of writing.  i’m thankful for the pictures i’ve taken over the years, though.  at least i have those.

i want to start blogging again.  (:  i don’t think many people read my blog (and that’s okay), but i do.  and will.  i want to come back years later and remember.

i’m going to pick up as if i never stopped.  i thought about doing an “update” blog, but that stresses me out.  i can’t sit that long and remember what’s happened over the past three years.  well, here:

edie was born july 2014.
jesse and i celebrated three wedding anniversaries.
ira was born september 2016.
i still love jesus.

good enough.  (:

all right.  more later.

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