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september 1, 2012

so you all know jesse and i got married two months and three days ago, but i want to make a blog post to share some pictures and the highlight video from that day.  i’m pretty sure most of you have seen pictures and/or the video, but, well… here they are again.

click here to listen to the music played before, during, and after the wedding.

– click on any picture to enlarge. –

this picture just makes me happy.

this was taken at the beginning of the rehearsal and is maybe only like half of the people who helped make the wedding day so special.  most of the people i see here are jesse’s friends– friends from ohio; friends from south carolina.  you have no idea what it does to my heart to think of all the people who traveled so far just to be a part of this.  seriously, this is love.

but what makes my heart even more happy (and weepy) is what these guys are doing.  i know anyone can follow along and look like they’re praying, but these peeps are PRAYING.  well, that’s what i tell myself.  and i think i’m right.  they all love the lord, and that just melts my heart.  my husband’s friends love the lord.  i love the people in his life.  i love that i now have this.  i just love this picture.

lacey sarah ivy celia
here are my sisters helping me get into my dress.

these girls…

wow.  the lord has blessed me so.

these girls each have a big part in my life.  huge.

i love them so, SO much.

ted niles courtney matt
wedding musicians: ted, niles, courtney, matt

this group… i heard so many good things.  unfortunately, i was unable to listen to the pre-wedding music because i was hiding, but i know they did an amazing job.  amaaazing.

they did seven songs before the wedding started, they did the song i walked down the aisle to, they did three songs during the ceremony, and they did the last song as we walked out of the sanctuary.

a lot of thought went into the music we chose for our wedding.  jesse and i wanted the theme to be centered around christ.  the wedding wasn’t about “jesse and ivy,” but it was about jesse and ivy becoming one before god.  each song could have been jesse-and-ivy focused (which is cool), but they were all originally written as songs to the lord, and we sang them/listened to them as songs to the lord (which is cooler.)

ivy ivy
here are a couple of pictures that were taken right before the ceremony.  i look nervous but i wasn’t.  . . . . .   (;

and jesse was standing in the back of the sanctuary vibin’ to the music before the ceremony.

– find and listen to “be near” on the playlist. –  matt rocked this one.

val lit the candles for everyone, and the littles came down the aisle.

madge logan nolan georgia
it was funny– nolan was picking the flowers up after georgia before he took off down the aisle ahead of her.

then my sisters came down one by one, but i don’t have pictures of that.  ):  they were beautiful, though.  check them out in the wedding album on facebook.

okay.  here we go.

niles sang as i came down the aisle.  – find and listen to “where i belong” on the playlist. –

your presence is all i’m longing for here in the secret place – your nearness is all i’m waiting for here in the quiet place – here in the secret place – my soul waits for you alone – like the watchmen wait for dawn – here i’ve finally found the place – where we’ll meet, lord, face to face – i’ve finally found where i belong – i’ve finally found where i belong – in your presence – i’ve finally found where i belong, lord – to be with you . . . i am my beloved’s and he is mine – so come into your garden and take delight in me – take delight in me . . . here in your presence, god, i find my rest – here in your presence, god

this is my dad walking me down the aisle… obviously.

ida read from ephesians 2, which is what we asked skip to speak on during the ceremony.

–     –     –

and you were dead in your trespasses and sins, in which you formerly walked according to the course of this world . . .

but god . . . because of his great love with which he loved us, even when we were dead in our transgressions, made us alive together with christ . . .

–     –     –

ivy jesse
he sang to me.  (:
– find and listen to “all things new” on the playlist. –

we see your son rise upon us – the glory of your presence – your mercies are new – you give good gifts to your children – even care for the birds and lilies – it’s your grace for the unworthy – oh, we’re a picture of you – making all things new – you’ve adorned your bride and given us new life – oh, you’re making all things new – we see the sand in the sea – a reminder to come and rest at your feet – because your mercies are new – you’ve given me your ivy – your precious daughter beside me – it’s your grace for the unworthy – oh, we’re a picture of you – making all things new – you’ve adorned your bride and given us new life – oh, you’re making all things new – lord, use us for you – and fill us with your spirit and truth – as we display your covenant of grace – lord, make us more like you – oh, we’re a picture of you – making all things new – you’ve adorned your bride and given us new life – oh, you’re making all things new – all things new by jesse schlicher

lacey ivy jesse steve skip
awh.  prayer and communion.  this was a sweet moment.

– find and listen to “stand in white” on the playlist. –

after our word from ephesians, jesse and i gave our vows and exchanged rings.  we then took communion and my sister, lacey, and jesse’s best friend, steve, prayed for us while ted sang a song he wrote.  – click here to read our vows

ivy jesse skip
mr. and mrs. jesse schlicher  <3

niles sang as we left the sanctuary.  – find and listen to “divine romance” on the playlist. –

the fullness of your grace is here with me – the richness of your beauty’s all i see – the brightness of your glory has arrived – in your presence, god, i’m completely satisfied – for you i sing i dance – rejoice in this divine romance – lift my heart and my hands to show my love – a deep, deep flood – an ocean flows from you – of deep, deep love – yeah, it’s filling up the room – your innocent blood – has washed my guilty life – in your presence, god, i’m completely satisfied

jesse ivy
worst decision we made.

and – I AM MAD AT YOU – to all the people who pelted that stuff directly at our faces.  there were about three of you…

seriously.  when we got to the car, we had to take a few minutes to take care of the birdseed that was stuck in my eyeballs.  it was crazy.  and when jesse would blink, there was birdseed caught in the creases of his eyelids.  it sat on my scalp and was all down my dress and i couldn’t do a thing about it.  ugh!

wedding car

and there we go.  happily ever after.  in jesus’ name.  (:




our photographer, sean lyon, put together a little slideshow of some really cool pictures he got.  – click here to check them out. –  the password is murphy.

and our videographer, michael crissinger, put together a highlight video of the day.   – click here to watch it.

and THANK YOU to both these men for the AWESOME work they did!  seriously.  jesse and i loved working with them, and we loved the pictures and video we received!

i wish sean lyon (photographer) had a web site because i’d love to share it with you, but i think it’s under construction right now.  but you can check out michael crissinger (videographer) at to see his work or to contact him.

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