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put a bird on it

jesse’s office was looking pretty sad at work, so of course he let me come in there and help him out with some things.  i wish i would have gotten some “before” pictures to show, but unfortunately we forgot to do that.  but seriously, the room contained a desk and pretty much nothing else, so you’re not missing much.

i took these pics after we brought in all the office furniture and moved his desk to the other side of the room.

before3small  before4small  before2small

we found an awesome futon on craigslist and added it to the room, and we brought in the shelving units and end table from an unused office in the building.  bam.

we put together some acoustic panel looking things (think: minister of worship) and hung them up on a few of the walls.  on the accented wall, we couldn’t think of anything better to do than — that’s right — put a bird on it.  …or birdS, i suppose.  on another wall we hung the three music albums that the worship team put together (check them out here) as well as some corkboard to make things look office like.  the wall opposite the desk features this cool guitar wall piece (what do you call it, becca?) that his cousin made for him.

to complete things, i got some cool knickknacky things at goodwill that i spray-painted and found some candles, fake grass stuff, and three coat hanger things from hobby lobby.  done.

no.  we’re not done, actually.  there are two blank walls yet.  we’ve got something stirring in our minds, but it’s going to take a while to complete, so…. more later!

office office office


  • Danielle Russo on Feb 11, 2013 reply

    Whenever you are ready for another office to tackle come on over to the Russo’s (:

  • Jesse Schlicher on Feb 09, 2013 reply

    You are the best ever! I can’t tell you how much I love my office now! It’s like an entirely new place! LOVE it!!! Love you!

  • Mollie @Sprinkles of Life on Feb 08, 2013 reply

    Very nice, Ives! I love it! The birds are pretty cool too 😉

  • Bunny on Feb 07, 2013 reply

    LOVE the birds!

  • Sarah Hensley on Feb 07, 2013 reply

    Good job, Ivy!! That looks great– very, very cooL!

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