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boy or girl?

well, what would the amish say?

i’ve been told this is an experiment amish people do for fun to determine whether the baby is a boy or girl.  after pouring urine over 2 tablespoons of draino (crystals), a big chemical reaction supposedly means the baby is a boy, and little or no reaction supposedly means the baby is a girl.  both my sisters-in-law did this with both of their pregnancies, and every time it was right on.  coincidence?  (i say yes. lol.)

i actually did the test wrong, so we’re going to re-do it tomorrow.  i guess the color the pee turns matters as well.  we were just watching the reaction and not taking notes on the color.  tomorrow we will be better observers.

anyway, according to this test today, i think it means the baby is a girl.

…but the doctors will let us know 9 days from now!  (:  jesse and i will be going in for my ultrasound on january 31, and we’ll be finding out the sex of the baby then.  can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait!

i’ve just recently started showing.  nothing major, but i guess enough that strangers can tell i’m pregnant.  jesse and i were at the mall the other day, and a lady came up to me and said, “awwhhh, your baby bump!” and she asked if it was a boy or girl.

these pictures were both taken during week 16:


ivyall for now.  next post will probably be the gender reveal!


  • Sarah on Jan 31, 2014 reply

    It really made me laugh when you guys went outside to perform the experiment. And cute mirror on your window! And… Most of all… Cute tummy!! Definitely looking pregnant!!

  • celia on Jan 25, 2014 reply

    lol. you guys are cute.
    i know i dreamed you had a girl butttttt i still think it’s a boy. or want you to have a boy. (: sorry.

    look at dat bump. lil mama.

  • Mitch on Jan 25, 2014 reply

    Lol did you do it outside because you are scared you might blow up the house in the event that it is a boy?! Also, I think you need to drink more water judging from the color of your pee 🙂 can’t wait to find out the sex!

    • ivy on Jan 25, 2014 reply

      lol! that is really funny bc, yes, i thought it’d be a much bigger reaction if it were a boy. i was expecting something volcanic. and actually, the girl that told me to do it watched the video and said “looks like a boy!” lol. sooo… ??

      also– i drink so much water now! i’m almost flooding myself. first in my life where i’ve had to get out of bed just to pee bc i’m that uncomfortable. but that pee in the picture is my morning pee, and i’m thinking it’s really yellow bc i take all my vitamins right before bed. idk.

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