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bedroom makeover

after one full year (and then some) of marriage, our bedroom is finally complete.

unfortunately, i don’t have any “before” pictures– just “work-in-progress” and “after” pictures.

wait.  jesse might have a “before” picture on his facebook that i can steal.  hold on.
yep.  great.  i’ll show them as i go.

we started on the bedroom, then the bathroom, then the closet, and then more on the bedroom, but i’ll just cover each room one at a time.

all right.  the bedroom:

this is one of the pictures i took from jesse’s facebook.  i must say that i love how he, as a bachelor, kept things so neat and tidy.  i love that!  (fyi– he’s still like that as a married man: proof that the lord loves to bless and give us the desires of our heart.)  (:


and to work i went.

actually, to work jesse went.  ):

he just loves me, you guys.  i don’t know what else to say.  i am forever grateful for the work he does for me– DAILY.  seriously.  a true servant.

we started by painting the ceiling black.  nope.  we started by scraping the popcorn off of the tray ceiling.  (and by we, i mean jesse, of course.)  THEN we painted the ceiling black.  (again, we = jesse.)

then we got to work on the walls — a light, light grey — and i think i actually helped do this part although i have no recollection of it, so . . . maybe not.  /:

after the walls were done, we taped off and painted the trim (along the floor, windows, doors) black.
i have no pictures of any of that being done.  shoot.

after the basic parts of the room were painted, then we (jesse) got busy on the ceiling.  i found a wallpaper i loved that i wanted to put on the ceiling, but it turned out being super, SUPER expensive.  it looked like an easy pattern, though, so i decided to create the same look with paint and stencils.

first, we (jesse) painted the base color of the tray ceiling using the light grey that we used on the walls.  then he taped off stripes and painted darker grey stripes.  i don’t know if you can tell in the pictures, put the light grey stripe is a flat paint, and the darker grey paint is a semi-gloss paint– just to give it a cool effect.  (:

here are some pictures of jesse doing the work:

bedroom bedroom bedroom

after the stripes were completed, we used a stencil to paint a swirly design over the stripes.  yes, i actually helped do this part.  jesse would always place and stick the stencil, and i helped do the painting.

bedroom bedroom bedroom

we slept on the living room floor for a little over a week.

after the room was painted, it was time to decorate, but we didn’t really get to that part until after the bathroom and closet were done, but i’ll share the “after” pictures anyway.

we did this wall first.  easy: print a huge wedding picture, frame it, line with candle holders that match the ceiling stencil.  bam.


the curtain came next.  with the help of connie knowlton and the hospitality of sophie ingerslew, i learned to sew these curtains.  i’m sure a rod-pocket is probably the easiest sewing job out there, but the material i chose was tricky.


this wall was the very last thing we did.  i got crafty with spray paint, fabrics, old frames, and a piece of wood.  jesse got busy with a hammer and nails.


i painted that piece of wood, and jesse made a tv holder out of it.  not sure how he did it, but it’s pretty impressive.  he created a little space behind the tv that holds and hides the apple tv, and then you see a spot for the antenna.


so there you go.  that’s the bedroom.

next: the bathroom.

here’s a “before” picture from jesse’s facebook:


i tried to keep the same color/theme in the bathroom as we did in the bedroom, so we started by painting the walls the same light grey and the trim black.  when that was complete, i added a few “final touches,” and the bathroom was done.

i don’t have any “work-in-progress” pictures, so here are the “afters.”

kept the same mirrors, but i spray-painted them a grey color with a stone effect.


hung an awesome grey shower curtain gifted to us by my sister, sarah, for our wedding.

we removed the towel rack, and i bought some random hooks and repainted them using black paint and the stone-like spray paint.



jesse removed the blinds from the window, and we applied this window film.  nothing better than natural light (with privacy) in the bathroom (for makeup purposes, of course.)


for fun, i painted this little area with the same stencil we used on the bedroom ceiling, and i spray-painted the toilet paper holder black.  (:

i don’t have a picture of it, but i also painted the inside of the cupboard doors with our same teal accent color.

i hope this house sells when we’re ready to move.


and there’s the bathroom.

to the closet.

here’s a “before” picture from jesse’s facebook.  again, that’s pretty good for a dude.


again, to keep things flowing, we used the same colors in the closet.  walls, light grey; trim, black.

closet closet closet

i just feel like every room should have a little something– even a closet.  lol.  i added stripes (to go with the bedroom ceiling) with the accent colors (from the bedroom wall.)


now the “after” pictures:




the end.

thank you, jesse, for all your hard work.  i appreciate you and love you so, so much.



  • Jesse on Nov 06, 2013 reply

    woo hoo! I didn’t realize how bland and boring everything looked until i saw the before and after. (: i love having a wife that can see all this crazy stuff in her head!

    Sarah, you all can come see it in person anytime!!! (:

  • Paula on Nov 05, 2013 reply

    Ivy and Jesse – you rock! Loving your do-it-yourself attitudes – and what a nice job! Isn’t it great to accomplish things like this as a couple?! I sent a pic of the ceiling to my sister in Ames that does freelance work for BH & G – she loved it!!

  • Sarah on Nov 05, 2013 reply

    Wow!! Very impressive! And good work, Jesse, bringing Ivy’s ideas to life!! I just wish I could see it in person.

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