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as it’s now been announced to our church, i want to update my blog by sharing a letter written by jesse that recently went out to all church members:

Dear Church,


I want to give you all an update on my life and my position on staff at Eternal.  For those of you who don’t know, I came on staff as a music minister in a part-time role in March of 2007.  I worked for over four years in this role while I was a full-time math teacher at Fort Mill Middle School.  In the spring of 2011, a full-time position opened to keep my current role and also oversee some other areas which included the Web sites, communications, IT, staff-elder-deacon liaison, care ministry liaison, etc.  I am now finishing up my third year as a full-time staff member at Eternal.  My role has changed and adapted over these three years, but it’s always included worship and a variety of other things mentioned above.


I’m writing to let you know that I have been offered and accepted a job teaching again at Fort Mill Middle School for the 2014-2015 school year.  I have walked through this process with the elders, and they have graciously agreed to allow me to continue working part-time for Eternal as the music minister.  Essentially I am moving back to the position that I held for my first four to five years here at Eternal, which is focused solely on the musical side of worship.


When I made the decision to come on staff full-time in 2011, I knew that it was most likely only for a season.  I had always wanted to be in full-time vocational ministry, and there was no better time in my life to make that career change.  I was still single at the time, so it was the perfect opportunity because it only affected me.  The Lord has been so gracious to me in these past three years.  Namely, he has brought me a wife, and come June 29(ish), we will have a beautiful little daughter, Edie Elizabeth.  I’m so grateful for these past three years.  The Lord and my family at Eternal have been so good to me.


While one of the biggest reasons I am making this change is financial, teaching is something I’ve enjoyed and miss doing.  I’m a math nerd (not as bad as some of our deacons), and I love being around kids, especially the seventh graders that I will again be teaching.  In fact, I’ve tutored a group of students on the side over these past three years as well.  I have always seen my role in teaching as ministry.  …and what an incredible opportunity that is.  I get to spend 180 days (half the year) with four groups of 20 or so students.  I’m excited about the things the Lord will do there.


Some of you at this point are wondering what the real story is.  It’s inevitable.  So let’s address the big sabbatical elephant in the room.  I’ve been discussing this privately with Ivy (my wife) since our second date in Fayetteville, NC, over two years ago.  I actually started talking to my small group about it several months ago before the aforementioned elephant.  And to reassure you, I’m not going anywhere.  I love Eternal and consider it my family.  This decision is simply about what is best for my family at this time.


Aside from having to make this decision out of wisdom, the Lord was so gracious to show me in real personal ways that He was leading me back to teaching.  Around the time I was trying to make a final decision, the Lord kept dropping people in my path.  First, it was a teacher I used to work with that came by Eternal out of nowhere.  Then I ran into my old principal at Jumpin Java.  Then I had someone come up to me after worship and say, “You don’t know me, but you must have had some impact on my granddaughter.  I told my family I visited Eternal this morning, and she said, ‘Oh, cool!  Did you see Mr. Schlicher?’”  Finally, after the Easter service, I ran into another principal that I used to work for.  I would have chalked it up to coincidence, but I don’t think I had a single one encounter like these in the past three years.  I feel the Lord was confirming and reassuring me of what I need to do.


So what is going to be different with me moving from full-time to part-time?  Sunday morning will look pretty much the same.  Some of the biggest things that I will not continue are the Web sites, graphics, and office IT stuff.  These three areas encompass a lot of little things.  The elders and I are currently determining which of these things are necessary to continue and which things can be picked up by volunteers and part-time staff.


Thank you all for your constant prayers and support as your music minister.  I look forward to continuing to worship with you in the weeks, months, and years to come!


Jesse Schlicher

so, yeah.  there’s that.  (:

and now, because of this change, i am able to stay home with our daughter (and future children.)  this is such a blessing.  it’s something i had been praying about/for even before i met jesse, and it was one of my major points to discuss with my future husband.  and thankfully, when i brought it up while we were dating, jesse shared my desire and was totally on the same page.  praaaaise god!  and now, yeah, the lord is allowing this to happen for our family.  i’m so thankful, overjoyed, and excited for this new journey.

thanks to those who have shown support, encouragement, and/or excitement about this change in our lives.  please continue to pray for us during these upcoming transitions.  <3


  • Christi on Jun 10, 2014 reply

    Congratulations! Ivy, I have yet had the pleasure of meeting you, but you are definitely Jesse’s queen! I taught math with Jesse at FMMS for a few years and hated to see him go. I eventually left FMMS too and knew y’all were getting married, but I was so surprised and EXCITED for y’all when I found out you were having a baby! Jesse, a DAD??!!! :/ I would like to share the time I found out about baby girl EE—my husband and son were out of town one weekend, so I got a wild hair to visit a new church. No plans, but my car lead me to Eternal—Jesse’s church (which I had forgotten about!) I saw a familiar man dressed as a grizzly with a guitar around his neck. At first, I wasn’t sure if that was Jesse under all that facial hair–lol! I had not seen him in years—since he left FMMS. Hmmm–makes me wonder if I was that teacher Jesse mentioned in his letter to the church. If so, how crazy is it that God works His miracles through people without them even knowing! I pray you have a safe and easy delivery! This little girl is already blessed with such great parents! God bless you both and your sweet girl on the way!

  • Tom Harvey on Jun 09, 2014 reply

    Going to middle school every day for the unforeseeable future? . . . Teaching Middle School Math all day every day? . . . Looking forward to it ? . . . It must be the Lord!!! (-:

  • Tina on Jun 09, 2014 reply

    Jesse’s influence on my son was life-changing. Excellent middle school math teachers gave him confidence to tackle the hard math/science classes in high school. He’s a rising junior, taking pre-ap cal, physics, pre ap chem, and engineering…can’t carry that course load at a top 1% Texas High school UNLESS you have a firm foundation! I blame Jesse (and Naomi)…thank you! .plus…Jesse spoke life into my child…encourage him to be a man of integrity, to live life for Him, & to do his very best. I know God will bless your sweet EE to have amazing people touch her life as her daddy has touched so many! Bless you three!

  • heather shelton on Jun 08, 2014 reply

    I am over the moon excited for you and your sweet family♥ I look forward to lots of play dates!!

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