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so, yeah, old news but still good news:

jesse ivy

i’m pregnant.  (:

if you’re reading this, you probably have facebook, and if that’s so, then you’ve known this for quite a few weeks now.  i just need to document this for my blog’s sake.

i woke up super early (still dark outside) on october 25, and for whatever reason, i decided to take an at-home pregnancy test.  i think maybe the night before i decided in my head to take the test in the morning, but i have no idea why i woke up as early as i did.  anyway, i took the test and found out i was pregnant while i was still peeing.  it’s incredible how fast those things can work.  when i finished, i ran out of the bathroom and turned on the bedroom light and stood on jesse’s side of the bed holding the stick.  he was confused for a couple of seconds — i think he thought something was wrong — but then he added my smile to the stick i was holding, and he knew.  (:  i jumped in bed and he hugged me, and we laughed and smiled and cried and prayed.  it was great.  of course, we were too excited to go back to sleep.

pee stick   jesse ivy

that was about eight or nine weeks ago, and i am now twelve weeks along.  i’ve had two doctor appointments, and both have gone well.  i’ve been dealing with morning sickness for about a month, but i thiiiink it’s starting to let up now.  i’ve been having some good days, but occasionally an icky one slips in.

i think we’ll be able to find out the baby’s gender in february (maybe january), and yes, we’ll be letting everyone know.  we’re too excited to not find out and not share.  plus i like to plan and know what i’m shopping for.

jesse.  he says he’s doing okay, but you can pray for him.  i feel really bad that he has to deal with me right now, but he’s been doing an excellent job.  i seriously believe no other man could do better.  i’m still not over how the lord has gifted me so by giving jesse to me.

and that’s everything i can think of for now.  i want to do a better job at updating my blog as the pregnancy progresses, and i feel like i’m starting to get my energy and motivation back to do that.  we shall see.

oh yeah.  due date is june 29.  bye.

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