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dear god thanks [remix]

where to begin, lord?  you totally got your way this year, and i thank you for your way.  i’m in awe of what’s happened to me in 2011.  how is it that i look the same to everyone but have been completely transformed?  only you, god.  THANK YOU for this year.  THANK YOU for this year.

  • thank you for an audio bible, an mp3 player, and proverbs.  that was your hook, huh?  proverbs.
  • thank you for my broken heart.
  • thank you for my family– for their sincere compassion, solid support, and REAL love.
  • thank you for those two people who i call angels but are really humans.
  • thank you for m&n.murphy– little life-savers and home-givers.
  • thank you for nsb and t.warner.  lord!  i know you want me to be a court reporter.
  • thank you for opening doors to photography.  like, wow.  this is a special gift from you.
  • thank you for the car after going a year and a half without.
  • thank you for the cross.trainers.  “…as for the holy people who are in the land, they are the noble ones in whom is all my delight.”
  • thank you for my mentor, a.johnson.  who better than her to pour into my life?
  • thank you for giving me a place to serve: media team at first.baptist.  so much fun; i want to push all the  buttons.

god, my heavenly father.  thank you for taking care of me.  thank you for providing everything the whole way through all of this.  it all has been a gift from above, from you, and i’m SO THANKFUL, god, because i didn’t/don’t deserve ANY of it.  don’t ever let me forget this…

[original] dear god thanks
november 2008
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  • Haley on Nov 26, 2011 reply

    Cross trainers…hmmm

  • Whitta on Nov 25, 2011 reply

    This is really special. <3 I'm really looking forward to your blog and can't wait to watch/read/see what you do and what you're thinking. Love your new website!!!

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