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thanksgiving 2012 in ohio

jesse and i drove (7.5 hours!) to ohio last tuesday to spend thanksgiving with his mom and siblings.  it was a very nice trip, and i’m sad i didn’t get more pictures while i was there.  ):

we arrived in springfield later in the evening and hung out with donna (jesse’s mom) and nolan (nephew) for a couple of hours before bed.

wednesday was a pretty chill day (my favorite kind of days.)  we hung out around the house and played with nolan, and then we met blake (jesse’s friend/groomsman) for lunch at mike and rosy’s deli, the yummiest sandwich place in springfield.  after eating, we went to blake’s office (lws – accounting firm – – loves jesus) for a bit.  jesse did some modeling in the basement (karrlll?), and we watched some video on youtube.  i don’t know.

jesse jesse

jesse blake blake jesse

we also went to un mundo, a local coffee shop, later in the day to have a coffee and get a little work done.  i took this picture (jesse’s drink) and thought of bunny.  almost everything she drinks has a leaf in it.


on thursday we drove to jesse’s uncle john’s church in beavercreek to celebrate thanksgiving with the schlichers.  i had met grandma and grandpa schlicher back in june, but this was the first time meeting all the other schlichers.  everyone was so nice and welcoming.  john and his wife, michelle, even had a little wedding cake decorated for jesse and me.  after eating, we played thanksgiving bingo and went through black friday ads; and since it was such a nice day, we got to go outside and run around a little.


cake bingo grandma schlicher

sam logan ethan logan jesse logan ethan

it was a good time.  (:

this was the first year i participated in black friday shopping.  jesse and i actually headed out at like 8 or 9 thursday night, and we got home sometime after 1 a.m., i think.  it was crazy busy for sure.  geez.  we went to walmart, target, and then we hit a couple of stores in the mall.  i got some sweet boots from old navy and some even cooler slippers.  (:  i wish so badly i could have gotten some video footage at walmart.  it was… something else.

donna decided to have the whole world over friday evening to meet me.  unfortunately, i don’t remember their names, but here they are:

people sarah

i blurred out donna’s face and put a black dot on it because i know that’s what she would want me to do.
not pictured: 5 people
16 PEOPLE TOTAL!  …not including donna, sarah, sam, jesse, and myself.

so these are three separate families– all friends of the schlichers.  three of these ladies and one of their daughters came to our wedding– they arrived right before it started and headed home as soon as they left the reception.  WOW.  some good friends right there.

mmm.  donna put together all these little goodies for everyone.  i should have gotten a picture of the whole table, but i was really just focused on this:


and that was basically it!  jesse and i went back to blake’s office on saturday to watch the michigan/ohio game with him and four other friends of theirs, and then we headed back to south carolina.  was such a nice visit!











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