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m&n update

mitchell and nancy left for texas this afternoon, and they took tika with them.  ):  she was really nervous about leaving, but they sent this picture to me a couple hours after they left, and i can see she’s happy and smiling.

tika mitch

it’s kind of weird being here by myself.  i’m cool now, but when they left, i sat on my bed and prayed for them and cried a little bit.  lol.  my heart is kinda a big baby after saying good bye to people.  but eh, i’m over it now.  (:  for real.

nancy mitchell

if you guys didn’t know, mitchell spent the past couple of weeks studying, and this wednesday he took the placement test at coastal carolina.  and of course, he placed well, and he’s now enrolled in four classes beginning january something.  one and/or two are online, and one and/or two are night classes on base.  i don’t remember the details.  and i forgot what he’s going to school for.

ALSO, yesterday nancy showed me her tummy.  she’s got a little lump.  (:  we better start taking some photos.  i’ll try to get some up after the holidays.

all for now.  i’m leaving on wednesday.  pray for safe travels (for m&n, too.)


  • Sarah on Dec 21, 2011 reply

    I think that that’s exactly what I would look like with a beard.
    Thanks for the update!!!

  • Mom on Dec 18, 2011 reply

    thanks for the posts and photos! i love reading about your lives! good stuff. oh. the top photo…mitch looks so much like his dad when he was that age, that it kinda scared me at first! haha. i like the beardy stuff, tell him it looks good. and good for him. finally gettin that education…i was gonna say ‘free education’, but it cost him 5 years in the not really so free!

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