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it’s a boyboy

woo hooooo!  just what i wanted!

so you all heard the news by now i’m sure, but i need an excuse to make a blog post, and it’s a good opportunity to share some pictures.

nancy’s gotten BIG!  mitch and nancy left for texas on december 16 or something, and the day before they left, nancy showed me her little lump.  she had to press down on her shirt to define her tummy, but sho nuff, there was a little baby bump.

it was late the night i flew back in from iowa, and nancy was already in bed, but when i saw her the next day, january 5, WHOA!  i was shapocked.  seriously!  i couldn’t believe how much her tummy had grown.  she didn’t even have to press down on her shirt.  TOTAL pregnant lady.

and i’m still not used to it yet.  whenever i see her, …which is every day, i always think to myself, “look, she’s pregnant.”  i just can’t believe it.  she looks so weird.  in a beautiful way.

mitchell nancy
i took this picture that day, i think.  the fifth.

a couple nights later, she had to have whipped cream and a brownie, so we made a trip to dq:

mitchell nancy

and today, as you all know, the murphys found out they are having a little mister.  (:

baby baby baby

you can click on the pictures to make them bigger.

mitch told me we were going out to eat to celebrate, and i said, “but you put hamburger out to thaw,” and he said, “that was before i knew we were having a boy.”  so we celebrated at texas roadhouse.  (:  i asked them how they reacted when they found out it was a boy, and nancy said she was just really happy and excited and one eye kept dropping tears, and mitch said he could feel his face get flush.  their nurse kept bawling, too.  the poor woman is going through menopause, and apparently she’s very emotional.

so now they get to pick out a name for this guy.  they haven’t decided yet if they’re going to let us know the name when they choose one or if they’re going to make us wait until the baby is born.  and i’m sure they’ll be open to suggestions if you have any.  i said maynard.

here are some pictures i took today:
(bear with me.  i’m still trying to figure out this camera.)

nancy nancy

dude, nancy, we should have stayed inside.  that was the best one.

mitchell nancy

aren’t you guys just so happy for them?  remember to praise and thank god for this blessing.

ALSO.  mitchell started school last week.  this is what i know:  he’s taking three online courses (psychology, some english/writing class, and some history/government class) and a math class that’s held on base on monday and wednesday nights.  i have a feeling he’s going to be a good student.  he’s on top of his work, and maybe almost obsessed with it.  maybe.  and almost.  paranoid?  he works/reads/studies all day long at the counter.  him and nancy spent at least two hours putting this calendar together that displays all his assignments, quizzes, tests, and projects.  someone more organized than i?  i’m in awe.  so he’s doing good, but please pray for him because i think i saw him punch the computer the other day.


  • Mitch on Feb 02, 2012 reply

    Lacey –
    My boy is half mexican. He shall call you Tia Lacey.

  • auntie lacey on Feb 02, 2012 reply

    tell them i want their baby to call me auntie lacey. 🙂

  • mom/granny on Feb 02, 2012 reply

    yipppeeeeeee! nancy u r BEEaUtiful! love u all! thanx ivy. a new ‘babe-bump photo’ monthly please!

  • Bunny boo on Jan 19, 2012 reply

    Iv! You’re doing great with the camera. I love the play by play… Especially of your perspective. Cracks me.

    Blessings and prayer for them. Bun

  • Sarah on Jan 13, 2012 reply

    I’m so glad that they are living with a photographer and a blogger!! Nancy looks so cute. She looks so happy too!!! I love “little Mister,” that you went to Texas Roadhouse, DQ, hearing about school/organization… love this post– thanks for sharing, Ivy! The indoor picture is my favorite too– the light was perfect for defining the shape of her body!

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