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ira starts school

my round little guy started going to school a couple weeks ago.  there was an opening in his age group, and we decided to fill it.  (:

he seems too young to be going, but it’s the same age that edie started, and i think it was good for her.  hard but good.

you know it’s not really school, right?  it’s called “mmo” or “mother’s morning out.”  it’s three hours two days a week, which i think is perfect.  it’s enough time to give me a break but not feel like other people are raising my kids.  we love that the time is structured and the kids are actually learning and not just playing and being watched.  this month ira is learning about squares and the color orange.  lol.  there is also bible story time, snack time, craft time, and play time.

i thought ira was going to jump right in and love it, but it’s actually taken him some getting used to.  dropping him off is always the worst — it breaks my mama heart — but the teachers tell me he cheers right up and has a good time.  at first he struggled during the transitions, but i think he’s gotten used to it now.  my hope is that he will learn not to cry when i drop him off, but we’ll see what happens.  edie cried every time at that age.  the whole year.  /:



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