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iowa visit

jesse and i went to visit my family in iowa the first week in june.  it was one of my favorite visits back home– SUCH a good time!  it was a full house at mom’s– the schumachers AND the murphys were also visiting at the same time.  loved it.  nothing specific to share– just want to post some pictures (some from my phone; some from my camera.)


to grandma beth’s on 5/29.  of course, everyone else came out to visit.





ivy lola












jesse georgia raylan

georgia raylan lola

and in honor of mitchell and nancy, we took a little stroll over to, quoting lacey, “the area of remembrance.”

mitchell nancy





ivy celia nancy

mitchell nancy jesse ivy





ivy jesse   nancy raylan mitchell

lola jesse   ivy amos

raylan lori doug   nancy mitchell jesse doug

emeline whitney ivy jessica jesse

eli jennie ivy megan   georgia ivy amos jesse lola


we’ll be back again for christmas.  can’t wait!

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shoot!  a few days after i published this post, i realized i left out some pictures taken on jesse’s phone.  i’ll include them below.  some are kinda cute.  (:

ivy jesse

raylan ivy

jesse ivy

ivy madge

georgia val madge ivy ida jesse jones

doug mitchell lori ivy andy

georgia ivy jesse

georiga lola

lola ivy

georgia andy lola lacey jesse

emeline ivy

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  • Mitch on Jul 20, 2013 reply

    You made Iowa look really awesome! The pictures of raylan while we were playing carpet ball hurt my feelings a little bit lol

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