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cici’s pizza

this isn’t about cici’s pizza.  i just wanted to share this picture.

kind of reminds me of this one.  remember?

nancy mitchell

last week mitchell, nancy, and i went to cici’s pizza to celebrate nothing.  it was yummy.  mitch and i got to eat whatever we wanted, but since nancy is pregnant, this is what she has to eat:


wait.  i didn’t capture it all.


there we go.

it was a nice time, but not interesting enough to go into detail about.  if you care to know, though, the topics of discussion included:

  • how the spinach pizza is the best (according to mitchell)
  • how mitchell loves their brownies
  • living in iowa or texas
  • nancy being a schoolteacher or principal lady
  • trading in the stock market
  • tim tebow
  • nathan hensley being a good dad and parenting in general
  • that one time i wrote that steno letter to everyone
  • rocky’s pizza  (yep, mitch.  dad confirmed.)


  • Lacey on Dec 10, 2011 reply

    i want to know why you didn’t discuss Andy Schumacher being a good dad. and did you forget the name of rocky’s? and btw mitch is hairy!

  • Sarah on Dec 03, 2011 reply

    hahaha I love this post!! I am so happy you are blogging!!!

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