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baby’s room

update:  she’s one day overdue.

and we finished her room yesterday.  <3

cribwhoops.  i need to fix her sheet a little bit.  /:


a little tour:

bedrooma little cramped, but we worked with the space we have.  this room used to be our guest room, but now it’s the nursery.  …and the guest room.  (:


curtainthis is my favorite piece in the room: the curtain.  the whole style and decor was based around it.  my grandma beth made this for our wedding.  it hung in the doorway to the reception.  i think it’s beautiful and kept it with hopes of having a little girl and using it in her room.  maybe i’ll use it as a headboard when she’s a toddler, and she can use it as the entryway to her bedroom when she’s a hippie.


bedroomthis is the wall i’ll be staring at as i rock my sweet baby edie.  <3

bedroomthese letters were made for edie by my cousin friend, maria.  love them!  they fit the room perfectly.


bedroomi made this to hang on the wall above the crib, and i don’t have much to say about it.


bedroomthis bookshelf hangs on the wall behind the rocking chair.  not really what i envisioned for her room, but again, with the space we have and the placement of the light switches and power outlets and wall studs, this is what we could do.  once we got it up and decorated, i warmed up to it a little more.  my favorite things on here:  air pot plant, wind-up music box (it was my grandma mary’s), and sophie the giraffe.  other special things:  clock from my dad and blessed thing from my sister.


bedroomand thennn there are these arrows i made.  i took a ton of pictures of them, and there is no flattering angle.  they hang next to the door above the light switch.  i’m thinking i’ll add something to go along with them some day– just not sure what yet.  a clock?  mirror?  we’ll see.


okay– and then her closet.  (((:  this makes me excited.  i lovvved organizing her closet.  unfortunately, it’s not quite how i want it to look yet because it’s filled with huge boxes of diapers and wipes, a bedside crib, the pack-n-play, a swing, and i don’t remember what else.  yeah, you can see the bobby shoved in there, and there’s the bumbo.  all that stuff will be pulled out soon when it’s time to use them, and her closet will be freed up and will look wonderful.  (:




the end!

BIG THANKS to jesse, of course, for all the hard labor.  seriously.  he did pretty much everything except the decorating.  he painted the whole room, put the crib together, built and hung the bookshelf, installed shelves in the closet, rearranged the room i-don’t-know-how-many times, measured and nailed up the decor, etc.  man.  he’s so so good.

bedroom   jesse

jesse   jesse


  • RD Shugart on Jun 29, 2014 reply

    Beautiful! Can’t wait to meet her!

  • Mitch on Jun 29, 2014 reply

    The style of the room has your name written all over it – very cool, you did a great job. Now tell baby Schlich to hurry up….fashionably late is not a real thing!

  • Diana S. on Jun 29, 2014 reply

    Oh my goodness!!! If Edie knew how awesome her room was, I’m sure she’d come right out! 😉 Everything is completely beautiful!! You guys did an amazing job!

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