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a visit from ceke

continuing our tradition since 2008 (minus the summer i was in miami and minus the summer before i got married), celia came to visit jesse and i for two weeks.  ohhhhhh, it was such a good time!  i had been looking forward to this visit for months, and my heart was sad after she left.  i want her back!

since i’m such a lazy blogger, i’ll list where we went and what we did and leave it up to the phone photos to entertain you.

cracker barrel  |  urban outfitters  |  the coffee scene  |  bi-lo  |  concord mills mall  |  hair dye  |  eternal church  |  buffalo wild wings  |  red bowl  |  target  |  sweet frog  |  sushi  |  jo-ann fabrics  |  garage sale  |  the peach stand  |  mama’s coffee house  |  jimmy john’s  |  asheville, nc  |  corn on the cob  |  yahtzee  |  rush  |  the walking dead  |  cookout  |  project runway  |  hobby lobby  |  smelly cat  |  teacher bulletin board  |  plato’s closet  |  quik trip  |  starbucks  |  carolina place mall  |  walmart  |  photoshoots  |  pei wei  |  fayetteville, nc  |  the flying biscuit ):  |  hardees  |  hair trim  |  kebobs  |  dunkin donuts  |  office depot  |  jewelry wall  |  walking tacos

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annnnd click > jesse celia < to watch a short video but really just to listen to cool music.


  • Mitch on Aug 29, 2013 reply

    it’s been almost 29 years…you aren’t used to being laughed at yet?

  • Sarah on Aug 28, 2013 reply

    Looks like so much fun! Why the sad face by the flying biscuit?

    • ivy on Aug 28, 2013 reply

      welllll, because i was a baby that morning. ): our waiter was a mexican of some sort, and i guess i was the only person who had a hard time understanding him. jesse and celia thought it was really funny, and i didn’t. and now i hate the memory because i should have just laughed along with them instead of being a baby who couldn’t handle being laughed at.

      • Sarah on Aug 28, 2013 reply

        Oh that is too bad 🙁 but it looks like the rest is happy memories! I love the pic of the 2 of you on the porch in your dresses.

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