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i’ve been typing this post for over a week now, but i’ve been struggling with WHYYYY i’m posting this, WHYYYY i’m asking people to pray for me.

but anyway…

please pray for me!  i know some of you are already praying for me (thank you), but if you’re not and want to, go ahead.  (:

if you don’t know, i’m moving to fort mill, sc next month (june 15).  my intent in making this move is not just to be closer to jesse for the sake of closeness alone; but rather, our hope is to strengthen our bond and cultivate a relationship that can grow and thrive.  there is nothing in me (nor jesse) that doubts we’re making a wrong decision as this is something we’ve been discussing for a while, praying about, and talking to others about (good others, godly others, not-afraid-to-tell-us-no others).  keeping christ as our guide and accepting the advice of wise counsel, we trust that this move is okay, good, and right, and we’re both excited to take the next step in this journey god has laid out for us.

my concern is my job– having work.  i’ve contacted well over 30 different court reporting firms in the past couple of months, and i don’t have anything solid yet.  i keep hearing the same things:  “tell us when you get here.”  “we’ll add you to our list.”  “we don’t need any reporters.”  soooo… jesse and i have decided to just try it out– come to charlotte and see what happens.

i’m feeling hopeful, though.  sometimes i get nervous and stress about getting work, but i feel like god is giving me the go to move to charlotte, so i’m trying to trust that he will provide.  in the past couple of days, i’ve had one firm assign me two jobs (five witnesses, woo-hoo!), sooo that’s a good feeling.  (thank you, LORD!)

still pray for me, though.  not because i’m nervous (because i’m kinda hopeful) and not because i don’t trust the lord (because he will provide), but pray because… I DON’T KNOOOWWW.  why am i asking you to pray if i feel (for the most part) that i will end up having work?  and why am i asking you to pray if i know that god will provide (in whatever way he chooses)?  because i get nervous sometimes?  because it’s hard to know that god will provide?  trust/control issues?  i don’t know.  but just pray… i’m tired of this post…

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  • mom on Jun 15, 2012 reply

    becuz we’re instructed in the Word to put our petitions before the Lord? becuz we’re instructed to care for and pray for one another? that’s why. pray, y’all.

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