my blog

dedicated to the ones who read it

i’ve always wanted to have a blog, but i kept myself from making one because i thought are my thoughts really that important that i need to share them with the whole world?

…and it turns out they are so…

…so feel free to read my blog or not read my blog.  it probably won’t have much to do with photography but will most likely cover more of what’s on my mind, my views, opinions …WHICH, more than likely, everyone will disagree with except the five people who are right.

i imagine my family will be my biggest fans, which may be the whole point of this (since they’re all in iowa and, you know, i’m not), but go ahead and read through it if it interests you.

my norwex


i like my envirocloth a lot, and that’s why i’m doing this.  buy one or don’t buy one, but i think everyone should at least know about it.  so here i am.

norwex is over 20 years old, but it’s new to me as of january 2017.  i’m excited to dig in and learn all that it’s about, and i’m happy to share it with you as i go along.

find me on facebook at: fb.com/ivywithnorwex.

find me on instagram at: @ivywithnorwex.

my photography

ivy schlicher photography

maybe some day i’ll be a real photographer.  right now i just take pictures with a nice camera that i don’t know how to use.

there is lots to learn in photography, and i definitely don’t know it all.  i have goals and dreams to learn more about cameras, lenses, photography equipment, and all that other stuff.

i hope to see my work improve over time and pray the lord blesses me in this area (i love it!), but my main focuses and priorities are on my god, my husband, the family we intend to have, and unfortunately my job since i have to have one.

if you’re interested in letting me take your picture at this point in my journey, i would love to work with you.  (:  holler.

i’m ivy

get at me: ivy.schlicher@gmail.com







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