BacLock® is one of the things that makes Norwex microfiber so great.  (That’s an understatement, but I’m tired and don’t have good words right now.)  It’s an antibacterial agent that’s embedded within the microfiber, and I’m going to lay it out for all you doubters.  (Or nerds if you’re like me.)

So okay.  BacLock, the antibacterial agent that’s woven within Norwex microfiber cloths, is silver.  Silver is cool stuff.  It has antibacterial, antifungal, antimicrobial, antimold, antiyuck properties.  We actually take a liquid form of silver when someone in the house starts to get sick.  It’s awesome.  I haven’t been sick-sick in a long time because of it.  But yes, Google it sometime.  You’ll learn some cool stuff.

So as I was saying, BacLock is the silver embedded within the cloth.  But let me be clear about something first.  It’s not the silver that gets your surfaces clean.  It’s the microfiber that’s doing the cleaning.  (If you’re curious, go to my post on the EnviroCloth and read about Norwex microfiber.  It’s pretty amazing.)  When you wipe your surface with the cloth, the bacteria gets picked up and trapped within the cloth.  Boom.  Your surface is now clean.

But what about the bacteria within the cloth?  That’s where BacLock comes into play.  That’s where the silver destroys the bacteria.  The silver isn’t killing the bacteria (another common misconception), but it’s basically shutting the bacteria down.  The silver ions destroy the bacterium cell by breaking down its life-supporting functions, inactivating the enzymes, and damaging the DNA so it’s no longer able to reproduce.  (I almost don’t know what I just said.)

Look here:

Okay.  So what’s that mean?

It means you have a cloth that cleans itself.  It means there is no more mold or mildew growth within the cloth.  It means you no longer have stinky, stiff cloths.

!!!  I just feel speechless.

So okay.  After you’re done cleaning, rinse your cloth, hang it to dry, and you’re good to use it again the next day.  While you’re cloth is hanging and drying, the silver is going to work destroying that bacteria.  And it takes time, so be patient.  Like overnight patient.  And when you come back to your cloth the next day:  AHHHHH*angels*HHHHHH.  Clean.

Thank you, BacLock.

NOTE:  Not all Norwex products contain BacLock.  If you don’t see the BacLock logo next to a particular item in the catalog, then it does not contain BacLock; however, I bet it’s made with a super special weave that makes it great for a specific task.  (:  Also, any item that contains BacLock will say so on its tag/label.


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